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I was never a painter growing up, but I had always loved looking at art and creating it.

I spent my childhood sketching so I considered myself an amateur artist my whole life. The one thing I couldn’t do was PAINT.

As I grew up I found myself spending more and more time with real “grownup” things, and I had stopped chasing my dreams as an artist. What could I ever do with just sketching anyway? Until 2 years ago.

I had spent 5 years working 90 hour weeks for a job I’d once loved but had grown to hate, when one afternoon I was hit with the most overpowering urge to CREATE.

Not only did I want to CREATE, I wanted to create EVERYTHING.

People, nature, animals, everything. I wanted to reproduce what I saw in life and all of the beauty it held and put it onto paper.

So I tried a canvas and a brush, instead of a paper and a pencil.

The first piece I had painted was in the store I was working in, in the middle of a 13 work hour day.

Someone came in, assumed it was for sale and asked for the price of it. Wow.

We quickly came to a price we both agreed on and went separate ways.

They were thrilled because they had a painting they loved, and I was thrilled because I realized I was now technically a paid artist.

It happened a second time that week, and then a third, and then a fourth, and then I had someone ask for a custom piece, their pet.

I had never done one before and I was nervous, but something told me I would be able to do it. So I did it. And they were thrilled.

I took every job, and every challenge that was brought to me, and within 2 months I had painted and sold over 200 individual paintings.

Now, with hundreds of paintings in homes all over the country, and some overseas, I quit my stable safe 90 hour a week job and started my own business selling my originals and requested artwork.

Joy of creating, a story.

My entire life I have created, somehow. 

in everything I had done, there was a creation.

in many ways it was the same creation you see in the imagination of any child, when every stick is a sword every playground becomes a castle.

I've always looked at the world in a similar way, and asked myself "what can I create here?" 

Painting from demand, Creation from impulse

I built my entire career painting for people, and I have found it is my favorite way to paint. Bring me your ideas, I will bring them to life.

Anything from your pets, your kids, an old photo, or your favorite animal. if you have an idea, I can bring it to life.


When I first moved to Nashville TN I started my Acrylic Sketchings collection. It features elegant and simple paintings from my mind, and the minds of people who passed me by.



These are people I have painted. Some I know, some I have imagined and some I will never meet.



Adorable bright colors on white backgrounds of baby animals!




My most recent collection of paintings done on request for pet owners! All kinds of breeds of dogs and cats.


All of my paintings are available also on a T-shirts. I always recommend a black shirt, but in the end it is up to you.